Apple’s iCloud Storage Service Checks All the Boxes for Many iPhone Owners

Apple Inc. is the world’s most valuable company, and it owes a great deal of its success to the iPhone. The Apple iPhone was the first smartphone to finally break through into the mass market, and it did so largely by making things easy and pleasant for phone owners.

Focusing on ease of use, simplicity, and elegance has allowed Apple to open up entirely new markets, and this remains a core part of the company’s mission. The Apple iCloud storage and backup service continue this well-established tradition.

A Simple Storage Service Any iPhone Owner Can Use

Even the most expensive phones on the market can easily be filled with pictures, videos, documents, and other forms of digital information. When built-in storage was no longer enough, it used to be that the only realistic solution would be to free up space by deleting less-important items.

Apple’s launch of its iCloud service marked one of the first major attempts at addressing this longstanding problem. With every iPhone owner being allowed five gigabytes of remote, cloud-based storage for free, there are also a number of options available for those willing to pay for more space.

In addition to effectively adding more storage capacity to that built into every iPhone, the iCloud service is extremely easy to use. As those who seek out icloud info online will see, making effective use of this resource really takes nothing more than activating it in the phone’s settings.

More Space Means More Freedom

In the past, iPhone owners were often heard complaining about the difficulty of deciding which pictures and other resources to delete from their phones. That has become much less of a problem because the iCloud storage service provides a welcome bit of leeway to every user who opts in.

Many iPhone owners will find that the free level of the service suits their needs just fine. Those who take pictures regularly with the iPhone’s built-in camera, on the other hand, can opt to pay as little as a dollar each month for a minimum of 50 gigabytes of additional cloud storage. That makes iCloud one of the easiest and most affordable storage and backup services to use for just about anyone.