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Installing a Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle wraps and its installation is something that many people do not know about. This article gives you information about vehicle wraps and its installation. Below is a short discussion on vehicle wraps and vehicle cover installation in layman’s terms.

As the term itself implies, vehicle wrap is a material you wrap around your vehicle. Vehicle wraps can have graphics or other custom art work that is applied to it. You can do this instead of custom painting your car and this is more affordable and is of high quality. The good thing about vehicle wraps is that you can remove it if its purpose has already been accomplished. This is helpful if you are just leasing the vehicle.

The first thing you need to decide upon if you are going to install vehicle wrap is the material to use. There are two common materials that vehicle owns used to wrap their vehicles. The wrap material that you will choose will depend upon your budget and the needs of your project. Here are the two materials you can use and why you should choose it over the other.

Vehicle wraps have the quality of looking like a custom paint job even though you didn’t paint it. A common material to use for your vehicle wrap is cast film. If you use cast film, you accomplish this very well, that is, it will truly look like a custom paint job. The good characteristic of cast film is that it conform to the vehicle shape. It gives your vehicle a painted look because it is 2mm thick. This type of material is also extremely durable and lasts up to five years. Because of its high quality, it is also more expensive than the other material.

Vinyl is the other material used for vehicle wraps. The use of vinyl is for individual graphics and not for full vehicle wrap. And this is why it ism ore affordable. If you are on a budget, then this wrap is for you. The problem with this kind is that it is not very durable and it can have aesthetic abnormalities. Although vinyl will do the job, it is not designed as a long term solution.

The first thing to do before applying the wrap is to clean your car’s exterior. Waxes and other substances applied to the car exterior should be removed so that the car wrap will stick. If you want the wrap to be applied easily, you need to make sure that the temperature is optimal. With a vinyl wrap, put the material on the place where it should go and then tape is with masking tape. The vinyl warp can be applied using a squeegee, and then remove the tapes. If air bubble are trapped inside, release it with an air release tool. If you are doing full vehicle wrap, then prepare a sharp blade for cutting and trimming. It is fun to do a vehicle wrap DIY project.

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